Pest Control

Pest Control is an important part of good living in South East Queensland, an annual service can see you living without cockroaches, fleas, carpet beetles and other creepy crawlies.

A general pest treatment will control most of our creepy crawlies.

Specialist treatments are used to target specific pests and include:

CARPET BEETLES & CARPET MOTHS that will not go away unless treated, they not only destroy carpet but also enjoy dining out on leather, wool, fur, hair, silk, clothes, fabrics, under felt, and stored food.

COCKROACHES, there are a variety of cockroaches seen in South East Queensland and they require different treatments.

ANTS love our climate and about 3000 different species live in Australia. A variety of treatments are available for both indoor and outdoor problems.

BIRDS and other animals have become an increasing problem for people with solar. Solar Skirts are now available to prevent birds, possums etc from moving in and living under your panels.

FLEAS and TICKS are always a worry for pet owners, good regular treatment is vital to protect your pets.

SPIDERS in general are not pests and actually help control some of the pests that want t live with us. WE can treat inside and out to reduce the number of spiders.

RODENTS can be controlled with pet safe bait stations and other treatment methods.

BED BUGS are spreading rapidly through the world, we can treat an infestation and get you a good sleep once again!